Information about MyPocketSkill


MyPocketSkill is a digital technology and advisory company working in the fintech sector, founded in 2017.  Our overall vision as is to create a financially empowered GenZ.

MyPocketSkill is supporting Work-from-home parents in the Lockdown by connecting their children with capable students for educational and engaging activities.  

MyPocketSkill's Top Ten Tips 

Here are our top 10 tips for young people when using the site:

1.    The site is designed to be used by young people (13-19) to connect with local households and businesses. It works best when you participate actively by creating a detailed profile and then creating listings which offer  your skills.

2.   Communication is key!  Remember to check the site for messages and try to reply promptly to direct requests or new listings.    

3.    If you are under 16, we ask that a parent/carer registers on your behalf or adds their email address to your profile and is actively involved in any activity on the site.  This includes involvement in initial communications and meetings. To make it easier for parents/carers to be involved the site contains a particular feature that enables a registration of additional email addresses - you can find this in your profile account settings. 

4.    If you’re over 16 you may well already have some experience of working, perhaps through babysitting or working in a shop. Still please involve your parent or carer in the process by involving them in early stage communication / meetings and using that email feature where you can also register your parents' / carer's email address. Also, if are considering tasks which might include looking after young children, you may want to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

5.    Create a full and descriptive profile telling other members about yourself and, if you are offering tasks, include relevant qualifications, experience and educational achievements.  We believe that this enhances trust between members. 

6.    In all cases involve a parent/carer in meeting up before you commit to a task. Consider committing to a trial task and offer to provide references. Be expected to be asked questions and interviewed about your skills and attitude. 

7.    Always insist on getting paid through our website/app.  This is the most secure way of transferring the payment for the task performed. It has advantages over cash and we can step in to resolve any problems.

8.    We advise all users, and under 18's in particular, to keep personal contact details (phone numbers/email addresses) private and to communicate via the MyPocketSkill messaging facility within the site.  If you need to share documents we suggest that you upload the document to the cloud and share a link to the document (for example see GoogleDrive file sharing instructions here).   

9.  At MyPocketSkill we have an open door for your security concerns. Does a particular profile or communication seem odd to you? Inform us about the profile by using Contact Us or see more resources from NSPCC.  

10.  Remember to ask for a review.  It help you to attract more customers and it's great for the CV too. 

Finally, do be aware that MyPocketSkill is a platform to connect people, and whilst we provide users with advice and guidelines on safety, we cannot be responsible for all the actions that people take once connected.